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Cover of the mixed double short story mixed boxing story book, the admissions assistant and struck for cash by wormseye


Extract from a two story short story mixed boxing story book by wormseye the first story the admissions assistant available from battle annals


The admissions assistant

Trevor was sat very nervously, looking around the office of the senior lecturer's office. The senior lecture, Monika was going through his records from the first year at his previous university, shaking her head as she did so! She turned to Trevor and said, "I am not sure about these test scores, I mean they are not very good! So tell me why do you want to come here, what was wrong with your last Uni?"

"It was not very good, I didn't like it there at all, everything was wrong, the other students, the staff, everything really" Said Trevor, lying through his teeth.

He knew that because of his arrogant attitude towards one of the female members of staff, he had not got on! In fact at the end of the year, he had complained about her and got her into trouble with her superiors. As he was such a coward, he was unwilling to return there and face the possible music.

"I really don't know!" Said Monika again. Just then there was a knock at the door and in came one of the other lecturers, Sonja.

"This must be Trevor!" Said Sonja with a false grin on her face.

"We have been looking into your application and have decided to refer your case to our admissions assistant! She said to Trevor, whilst smiling over at Monika!

"If you go and take some lunch now, we will arrange a session with her in about a half an hour. We will meet in room 667 which is in building C, OK!" added Sonja with that false smile again. Then she turned to Monika and said, "I have contacted Becky already, she will meet us there, and I just have to get the camera from my office. Lets go up and set everything up!" Trevor left the office not really paying much attention to what had just been said between the two ladies.

After lunch, Trevor found his way to the floor on which room 667 was situated. It was Friday afternoon and the University was practically empty, due to students and lecturers leaving early to make the most of the weekend. As he walked along the corridor, he was all of a sudden surprised from behind. One assailant put a bag over his head and a tie-wrap around his wrists, while the other grabbed his legs. He was lifted up and carried away to a room, where the two strangers proceeded to remove all his clothing. They stripped him down to his underpants. They then cut the tie-wrap and removed the bag from his head. Trevor looked around in total confusion and saw that his two attackers were in fact the two lecturers, Monika and Sonja. He was actually standing in a lecture hall, but instead of a podium at the front, there were gym mats spread out on the floor. At that moment the swinging doors opened and in came a young girl of about 19. She had long curly hair that had been bunched up by hair bands into two bushy pig-tails. She was wearing a boxing robe and much to Trevor's horror, bright red boxing gloves. She went over to him and said with a cheeky grin on her face, "Hi, my name'.s Becky, I am the admissions assistant!" Trevor gulped with fear, he didn't know what was going to happen next.

Monika came other to where they were standing and said, "Here is the deal! You beat Becky in a boxing match and you get a place on the course!" Trevor, felt his legs tremble as he looked Becky up and down, realising that they wanted him to fight this girl. He didn’t relish the thought of taking her on, thinking about the humiliation of losing. She was a head taller than Trevor and she looked quite strong. He started to find the whole situation to be very uncomfortable and desperately looked around for a way out. Sonja could see what his intentions were and said promptly

"Oh, by the way if you try and escape you will have to take on all three of us at the same time. So if you don't fancy having your lights punched out by three women I suggest you get it on with Becky!" Monika shoved a pair of boxing gloves into his chest and told him to get them on and get boxing. He reluctantly put them on and nervously went over to meet Becky in the middle of the floor. Becky promptly let her robe fall to the floor to reveal a rather plump body but with huge natural tits. She was wearing very skimpy purple knickers as well as white training shoes and white ankle socks. He excess fat was quite visibly as it hung over the top of her panties and she had love handles around her sides and waist to match. With the two standing in the centre, Trevor placed his hands in a defensive position, holding his gloves up to cover her face. However, Becky was just standing there, punching here gloved hands together and smirking at him! Trevor could not draw his eyes from her huge tits, which were mesmerising him. His trance was nonetheless broken by the sound of Sonja’s voice,

By the way, Becky was junior boxing champion in her home town. She was so good that the other girls refused to fight her, so she had to fight against the boys! She won all her fights by knockout!” Said Sonja, grinning.

Now she uses her talents to help us with the selection of course participants!” Added Monika, smiling from ear to ear.

"OK, looks like I will have to start!" Said Becky. She jabbed Trevor in the face twice at lightening speed POW, POW! Then she struck him in the stomach, forcing him to double over, her massive tits bobbing up and down the entire time. Becky then held Trevor 's head in position with one hand and then unleashed a powerful uppercut with the other, which straightened him out again! This action was closely followed by a double punch either side of Trevor 's head causing his ears to ring painfully. By now, Trevor 's head was aching, he was in a state of shock about the strength and speed of this girl. Then suddenly, much to his surprise, Becky ducked below him defence and move around the to his back, where she promptly placed Trevor 's arms in a full nelson. Whilst holding him in this position with her hands firmly clamped behind his head, she leant forward and whispered in his ear, "You are going to be taken apart by a Girlie. By the way, your lecturer from the last University, sends her regards and told me to take my time with you!" Trevor 's face filled with horror. This lass, really knew her stuff and he was going to be humiliated. Becky then released the lock on his arms, stepped away from him, raising her foot at the same time and stuck her boot in his backside, forcing him to fall forward at great speed He lost his balance and ended up on his knees. Before he could pick herself up, Becky was standing behind her. The next thing he saw was Becky’s gloved fist racing towards her, POW!, it struck with an almighty blow, which was met by a loud cheer from Sonja and Monika. Trevor was laying dazed and seeing stars on the floor when Becky, who was now kneeing next to her, lifted him up to her chest height and forced his face into her massive tits. "What's the matter, boy, we have only just begun! Come on, love, I will help you up!" She had helped Trevor to his feet by his arm. She then catapulted him towards Monika and Sonja, who promptly pushed him back into the centre of the mats where he was unceremoniously greeted by Becky's in coming fist, POW! His legs gave way and he fell once again to his knees. Monika and Sonja went wild, thoroughly enjoying the great entertainment. Becky not wanting to waste any time, forced him back to his feet and swung around his back, placing him into the full nelson position as before. This time she lifted his feet off the ground, dropped to the mat with one knee, leaving the other sticking out. Trevor landed balls first on the outstretched knee with the full force of his own body weight. This more caused great excitement and yelps from the two women standing at ringside, egging Becky on to mash him completely. Trevor let out an almighty cry and fell face first directly to the canvas. As he lay there in a heap, his face stinging and his body aching all over, Becky stood over him, looking down at him,

If you don’t get up, I will straddle you and work over your face, you wimp.” She said to a rather frighten looking Trevor.

Your call, mate!” she added. Trevor obeyed immediately, not relishing the thought of Becky sitting on his chest whilst pounding his face into the mat. Becky continued to pound Trevor around the mats and beyond with well placed blows to the head and body. At this point trevor's knees were beginning to give way and the once clear sounds of Sonja and Monika’s cheering soon became muffled. All of a sudden she stopped and walked away from him. Trevor gave a sigh of relief and she went over to Monika and started to remove her gloves. However, the relief was short-lived when another figure entered the room. It was a woman with black shoulder length hair, wearing glasses. She had a trench coat which went down to her ankle boots. Trevor, who at this time had managed to get to his feet, look at the woman in horror. It was the lecturer from his old university, Christina! She didn’t even look at Trevor, instead she went straight over to Monika, undid her coat and let it fall to the ground. She was topless wearing just a pair of skimpy red knickers. She was quite thin and her breasts were small but perky. Christina removed her glasses and passed them to Sonja, then much to trevor’s terror she took hold of the boxing gloves which Betty had been wearing, slipped them on and headed over to Trevor. Trevor had taken such a beating from Becky, that he could hardly stand. His legs felt like jelly and threaten to give way at anytime. When Christina and Trevor squared off, it was quite clear to him that Christina was a good head shorter than Trevor. Becky, who had put on her robe again, went over to her bag and pulled out some object. Trevor quickly established that it was in fact a small camcorder,

We are going to film this one, love” she said smiling. Christina pounded her gloves together and immediately set about Trevor with her fists. She managed to plant every one precisely. Trevor, who was still extremely groggy, could not co-ordinate his punches at all and soon found himself being beaten to a pulp by this much weaker and smaller female. Christina was thoroughly enjoying herself as she pranced around Trevor, hammering punches home,

you’re not so arrogant now, are you?” she taunted. Trevor could hold out no longer and lowered his guard to his lower body. Christina saw this straight away and let rip a devastating strike, directly at Trevor’s face, POW! The pain shot through his head and he crumbled to the floor. All Trevor could do was dazed up at Christina, who was leaning over him. He was just too weak to stand up. The next thing he saw was Christina’s grinning face from behind her incoming fist, POW! Trevor’s lights went out!!

By Wormseye by FFF Cyprus Copyright 2007.

Extract from the first story of a two story short story book by Wormseye

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the cover of pro teens part 1 and 2 by G


Extract from a mixed wrestling story book proteens part and 2 by G available from battle annals.


ProTeens by G responses welcome

Youth division of the PWF

The PWF (private wrestling federation) Arena is filled to capacity. Tonight they present a very special card of pro-wrestling. The matches will feature wrestlers of the youth division. All the wrestlers are between the ages of 13 and 15.

The crowd is predominantly young most are high school age. Many have come just to watch Jason Beck. Jason attends a local high school and is in tenth grade.

He is every thing a young boy could hope to be. Blond, blue eyed, athletic and popular for a tenth grader Jason is a “BMOC”.

In the back of the arena Jason sits in his dressing room with his Mom and Dad who offer him advice on his match. Jason comes from a wrestling family his Mother and Father are both pro wrestlers and have held both singles titles and the tag team championship. At four months past his 14th birthday Jason has been wrestling for 11months, this is his 7th match. So far Jason remains undefeated and should be getting a title shot very soon. A knock at the door and a shout of “ Fifteen minutes” means it’s time for Jason to prepare for tonight’s match. His MOM gets up walks over to her son and kisses him “ Good luck Jason I’ll be in my seat front row” and leaves the room. For his match tonight Jason’s Father will be in his corner.

Removing his street clothes Jason slides on his spandex string jockstrap and pulls up a light blue posing thong. The nylon and spandex stretch and cling to his athletic body like a second skin. For a fourteen year old Jason has a well-developed manhood and his thong just barely covers his muscular butt cheeks. He laces up light blue paten leather wrestling boots and slips into a sequined and rind stoned ring jacket. Jason looks and feels like an old school wrestler.

In another dressing room Jason’s opponent in tonight’s match is also preparing. Megan Stewart is 13, 3 months shy of her 14th birthday. She too comes from a wrestling family. Her Grandmother her Mother and her Sister are all pro wrestlers. At 2-0 Megan will be wrestling in her third match. She pulls on shinny tan pantyhose, hooks up her bra, wiggles into a black wet look leotard and puts on black wrestling boots. A black silk mid-calf robe is tied at the waist as Megan and her Mother head toward the ring.

An excited crowd cheers as the two wrestlers head toward the ring. Chants of JASON – JASON – JASON erupt from about 40 teenage girls as he walks down the isle. The ring announcer takes the mike “ This is the main event of the evening. It is a one fall to a finish, pin fall or submission match. In this corner from Montpellier High School in Barstow California, with a record of two wins and no losses Megan Stewart.” As the announcer points toward Megan she raises her arm steps out of her corner and bows to the crowd. “And in this corner he is undefeated in 6 matches. Wrestling out of Alamo High School hear in Huston Texas Jason Beck”. Jason raises both arms over his head as he steps from his corner. He smiles and waves to his fans as they again chant his name.

Both wrestlers undo their jacket and robe as the referee calls them to the center of the ring. “ Jason, Megan this is a pro rules match. One fall, pin or submission. I want a clean match from both of you. Any questions? No, OK may the best wrestler win”. The two wrestlers return to their corners removing their ring jacket and robe and get ready to wrestle.

The bell sends both young wrestlers out of their corners. Jason and Megan begin to circle each other. They move to center ring and lock up collar&elbow. Pushing, pulling they fight for an advantage. Megan snaps her arm down and slips behind Jason. Dragging his arm behind him she wenches it up into a hammerlock. Jason rises up on the toes of his boots twisting side to side looking for an escape. After a moment or two Jason is able to grab Megan’s and flip her over breaking the hold. Jason waists no time, before Megan can get off the mat Jason is on her. Pulling her up to a sitting position he locks his hand under her chin puts his knee into to her upper back and pulls. Megan’s neck is bent back over Jason’s knee. Franticly twisting and kicking her legs Megan claws at Jason’s hands. Twisting and turning she is finally able to rap her fingers around the bottom rope. “ Ropes – ropes – I’m in the ropes – break the hold,” Megan shouts at the ref. At the count of four Jason releases his 13yr old opponent and gets to his feet.

For the next several minutes the young wrestlers trade flips, throws, and slams. First Jason is sent whipping into the ropes or the turnbuckle, then he sends Megan flying across the ring. Pulling Jason off the mat by his arm and hair Megan whips him into the corner. Jason’s back crashes into the turnbuckle and he is just able to hold himself up by draping his arms over the top rope. Megan flies into the corner after him hopping to smash into her stunned opponent. As she nears the corner Jason is able to raise one of his wrestling boots. The sole of Jason’s boot smashes into the soft young flesh of Megan’s chest and she staggers backward collapsing to the mat.

Catching his breath Jason slowly moves out of the corner. Scooping one of Megan’s boots on the canvas Jason twists it. Rapping her leg around his he traps the 13yr olds stocking covered leg in a step over toehold. Still stunned from the boot to the chest Megan screams as her leg is bent and twisted. Trashing wildly about Megan claws at her trapped leg trying ease the pain. Twisting, turning and wiggling wildly she is able to again reach the ropes.

Break the hold – break the hold – I’m in the ropes”, Megan cries out.

Again Jason waits till the count of four to release Megan.

Pulling herself off the mat Megan takes a few limping steps flexing her leg and quickly pulls up her pantyhose.

Holding the top rope Megan backs away from Jason trying to buy time for her leg to recover. Jason sees his golden opportunity to finish off Megan and charges toward her. At the last possible second Megan is able to step aside and jam her knee into Jason’s mid-section. The air rushes out of Jason’s lungs as he clutches his AB’s and drops to his knees. Placing her boot in the middle of Jason’s back Megan takes his arms and pulls and twists them up behind him. She has her 14yr old opponent caught in a surfboard. On his knees with both his arms trapped Jason cries out in pain. Struggling against Megan, Jason slowly gets to his feet. Concentrating all his strength he is able to first get one arm then the other back in front of him when Megan breaks the hold.

The match has become a back and forth battle. For over 20 minutes Megan and Jason exchange one painful hold after another. The wrestling fans in the arena are on there feet screaming and cheering both wrestlers. Jason’s friends and fans from his high school are overwhelmed by the furious action.

Megan is breathing heavily and is showing signs of fatigue. In the last few minutes Jason has been able to keep her in a series of painful holds. The kids from his high school including most of the cheerleading squad and Jason’s girlfriend have begun to chant, “ PIN HER – PIN HER – PIN HER”. Jason moves in on Megan reaches between her legs grabs a hand full of her leotards and pantyhose hooks her head and lifts and slams her to the mat. Megan’s back arches up as she grunts from the slam. Three more times Jason slams her. Slow to get up after the third slam Jason dives on her in a cross body hooks her leg and rolls her shoulders onto the mat. The ref drops down checks for the pin and begins the count. “ ONE – TWO – THRE”. At the last second Megan is able to kick out.

Twice more the count reaches two and a half before Megan kicks out.

Frustrated at being unable to pin his opponent Jason gets to his feet and pulls Megan off the mat. Twisting her arm he whips her into the ropes. Megan flies across the ring crashing into the ropes and is whipped back at Jason. In the center of the ring Jason stands waiting to scoop her of the mat and power slam Megan. As she flies back at him Megan leaps in the air and smashes into Jason in a Flying Cross Body. Both wrestlers are slammed down to the mat with Megan on top of Jason. This time it’s Megan who is quick to recover. Getting to her feet she pulls Jason off the canvas. Twisting his arm she whips him into the ropes. As he flies back at her Megan drives her knee into his stomach. Jason lets out a moan as his hands grab for his stomach. Staggering forward bent over at the waist Jason is head locked by Megan and Bull Dogged face first into the mat. Pulling 14yr old Jason back to his feet Megan twists his arm and drives her knee into his belly. Now gasping for breath Jason is on the receiving end of three more knees smashes. Collapsing to his knees Jason is stunned by this turnaround. Pulling her opponent to his feet Megan reaches between Jason’s legs grabbing his thong she lifts and slams him to the mat. Jason’s back arches up as he crashes to the mat. Megan is on her dazed male opponent before he can recover. She soon has Jason crying out in pain as she twists and bends his arms and legs into one punishing hold after another. In his corner Jason’s father has a worried look on his face as his son takes some heavy punishment from Megan.

Dazed and shaken Jason does not seem to be able to stop 13yr old Megan’s attack. Several times he is whipped to the ropes and has Megan’s knee slammed into his belly on the rebound. Clutching his belly Jason staggers around the ring before collapsing to his knees. Megan again pulls her now dazed opponent to his feet. Whipping him with all her might she sends Jason flying toward the ropes. This time as he rebounds back at her Megan ducks under his out stretched arm hooks her leg around his and twists his body into an Abdominal Stretch.

Jason’s screams of pain and anguish fill the arena. His teenage fans stare in stunned silence. Jason’s mother leaps from her ringside seat and runs to her stricken sons corner. From several rows back a beautiful blond 13yr old girl in a cheerleading outfit races down the isle and joins Jason’s parents.

Twisting and turning Jason struggles to escape from Megan’s hold on him. All he manages to do is tighten her grip. Pulling as hard as she can Megan stretches Jason muscles almost to the point of tearing. Megan hears Jason’s breathing turn into sobs as the pain begins to overwhelm him. Leaning her head close to her trapped opponents ear she whispers. “I’ve got you Jason you can’t get free. I’m going to make you submit”. Seeing the young wrestler hopelessly trapped the ref looks into his face as tears roll down his cheeks. “ How bout it Jason want me to stop the match. – Are you ready to give up son?” the ref asks. A look of fear crosses Jason’s face. He is embarrassed at being trapped like this by Megan. He shakes his head and whispers, “ NO – NO –I won’t give up- I can’t let a girl beat me ”. Over in his corner Jason’s mother and father are panicked by their trapped son’s condition. Jason’s beautiful young girlfriend buries her face in her hands unable to watch her hopelessly trapped boyfriend as he struggles to escape from Megan’s punishing hold. With tears streaming down his face the terrified young wrestler looks into his corner for help as he cries out to his parents. “I’m trapped, she’s got me, I can’t break the hold she’s too strong for me Help me please what do I do”. Unable to help their son all they can do is shout to him. “Submit Jason submit. Give up before she hurts you. Give up son give up”.

In the center of the ring Jason sobs uncontrollably as he realizes that he can’t escape Megan’s hold and that she has defeated him. Waiving his free arm he signals that he ready to submit. Moving in close to the wrestlers the ref asks

That it son? Want me to end the match, you ready to submit Jason?” Slowly nodding his head a sobbing Jason admits defeat “ Yes – Yes – stop the match – please – I submit – I submit”. Waiving his arm in the to signal the end of the match the ref calls for the bell. As the bell clangs to end his match with Megan a devastated and beaten Jason whimpers softly “Let me go Megan please – You beaten me –I give up –I give up- please let me go”. Leaning down and speaking into Megan’s ear he tells her “ That’s it Megan – the match is over – Jason’s submitted – you’ve won- let him go.” Megan immediately releases Jason from the abdominal stretch and he collapses to the mat.

While the ref takes Megan’s arm and raises it in victory Jason writhes on the mat. Rolling from side to side he holds his stomach and sobs. His Mom and Dad duck between the ring ropes and kneel beside their beaten son. Brushing his hair and wiping the tears from his cheeks they try to consol him. “ It’s OK Jason- the match is over – just lie hear and rest a moment”. Looking up a his parents Jason tells them “ I tried I really tried. I thought I could beat her. I didn’t want to submit but I couldn’t get out of her hold. It hurt so bad, I’m sorry I lost. Oh god what am I going to do, I got beat by a girl.” As his parents help Jason off the mat and into his corner the announcer informs the stunned crowd. “ In the time of 24min 14sec. The winner of the match with an Abdominal Stretch submission Megan Stewart.” An excited Megan raises her arms in victory as she acknowledges the cheers from the crowd. In his corner Jason sits on the middle turnbuckle holding the ropes for support. Embarrassed at being defeated by a younger girl his head hangs down on his chest. After a minute or two of waving to the fans Megan walks over to Jason’s corner and extends her hand. Raising off the turnbuckle Jason shakes Megan’s hand and raises her arm in a sign of his defeat.

By G

By G Copyright 1994

Extract of first part story of a double story