Monday, 8 February 2021

cover of the mixed wrestling storybook an evening of sexy mixed wrestling at a London co-ed wrestling club part 1 available from battle annals


Extract from the mixed wrestling storybook an evening of sexy mixed wrestling a a London co-ed wrestling club part 1 available from battle-annals



As a celebration of its ten-year history, the London co-ed wrestling club LCWC had arranged a special mixed wrestling night for its members. Ten male members and seven female members through the age ranges of 17 to 45 were set battle it out in the ring in front of a small audience of club members. The wrestling action was being recorded on video for sale to any wrestling fans who wanted to buy it and as an experiment it was being broadcast live on the World Wide Web via the LCWC internet site. A small crowd of LCWC members were gathered around the ring to watch the nights events.

Its was billed as a mixed wrestling night and that’s what it was going to be the mixed wrestling night of the year. It wasn’t going to be all straight forward competitive matches either. There were going to be some virtual demonstration matches between older more experience wrestlers and younger novice wrestlers. These were intended to show the audience the best moves and counter moves in mixed wrestling.

The Master of Ceremonies climbed into the ring and started to address the crowd and cameras. There were numerous strategically placed cameras to catch all the action from every angle. “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to this special mixed wrestling night, here at the head quarters of the LCWC wrestling club in London England”. “We have ten male wrestlers’ facing seven female wrestlers all from the LCWC wrestling club”. “There will be some great mixed wrestling tonight, … pitting male against female, …. old against young, …. experienced against novice”. “All will be straight forward no holds barred all out matches, …. Others more uneven will be more to demonstrate best moves against the opposite sex and effective counters”. “One final point at it is inter sex wrestling making your opponent come or orgasm is allowed, … and scores points, a point added for making your opponent come a point deducted for being forced to come, both teams men and women will start at three points each”.

The crowd clapped and cheered in appreciation. “Thank you ladies and gentlemen, …. my score board tells me we a being hit big time on our web site”, the master of ceremonies said. “Pity we can’t see back through the web cameras of our net fans, ..we would see even more orgasms and ejaculations I bet”, he quipped much to the amusement of the crowd. “OK lets get to our first match of the evening”, he announced.

The first match is between Craig Barret the youngest member of the males wrestling team, and Glenda Hapsworth the oldest and most experienced member of the female wresting team. “Please welcome the brave young male challenger Craig Barret”, the master of ceremonies stated. The crowd applauded as a young male wrestler walked down to the ring he was dressed in a brief white swim suit with a white towel draped over his shoulders. Craig climbed into the ring amid whistles and cat calls particularly from the females in the crowd. Shouts of , “Wow what a but” and “Hey nice lunch box”, echoed round the ring. Craig smiled as he walked round the ring to the cheers and whistles of the crowd.

Craig was 17 years old he was 5’ 9 and quite lean at 120 lbs, he had a swimmers build with a narrow waist. Craig had very pale white soft clear skin with no or very little body hair even on his legs. He was wearing a tight fitting brief pair of white speedos. They clung to his narrow hips and firm buttocks like as second skin, his package was nicely displayed by the tight fitting trunks. He had no boots on electing to wrestle bare foot. “I can’t wait to see him lose that sexy suit and see his cock shooting”, and excited female voice shouted from the crowd. Craig smiled at the cheeky shout, and his face started to colour with embarrassment.

Please welcome his opponent tonight Glenda Hapsworth”, the master of ceremonies announced. The crowd cheered as Glenda Hapsworth walked down to the ring and climbed in. Glenda Hapsworth was 41 years old and 5’ 11” quite tall for a woman and taller than her young male opponent. She looked stronger and was heavier at 140lbs. Glenda had a slightly tanned skin and she wore a full-length navy swimsuit with long black patent leather wrestling boots. She had nice full large breasts that stretched her tight fitting swimsuit. Glenda had quite a good figure for a woman in her forties her firm buttocks caught the eye of many of the guys watching in the crowd and via the Internet.

Glenda Hapsworth walked round the ring saluting the cheering crowd and then up to Craig as he stood waiting in his corner. The crowd went quiet as the younger boy and older woman wrestler stood staring at each other only inches apart. “So your going to wrestle me, are you little boy?”, Glenda asked. “Think your up to it”, she added drawing some sniggers from the crowd. “More than up to it”, Craig replied sticking his chest out. “Sure about that boy?”, Glenda asked reaching out and grabbing hold of Craig’s right nipple.

Craig gasped in pain as Glenda grabbed and pinched his right nipple, he tried to back away but his back came in contact with the turnbuckles. Glenda squeezed harder making Craig gasp louder. Unable to back away her grabbed hold of Glenda’s hand and pulled it of his aching nipple. “Give up now boy and save yourself the humiliation and pain”, Glenda said. “Huh now way I’m going to win”, Craig replied pushing Glenda away.

OK to your corners and come out fighting when the bell sounds”, the master of Ceremonies said to Glenda Hapsworth. Glenda walked to her corner and turned to face Craig who was waiting in his own corner. “OK there is no referee and no rules, …. points are scored by submission or knockout”, the master of ceremonies said. “Extra points can be earned by forcing your opponent to come the losing side, loses a point”, he added. “Very well let the first match begin”, the master of ceremonies said climbing out of the ring. The bell sounded signalling the start of the first match.

The bell sounded and Glenda moved confidently out of her corner into the centre of the ring. Craig moved more cautiously out of his corner, mindful of Glenda’s greater experience and capability. “Come on boy lets wrestle”, Glenda said. “Your not scared of me are you?”, she asked. “No I’m not, just wary that’s all”, Craig replied as they circled round. “That’s a nice suit and a lovely sexy body you have”, Glenda said with a smile. “Don’t worry about my body or attire worry about my wrestling”, Craig replied. “Huh why should I do that boy?”, Glenda asked bemused by Craig’s reply. “This is why”, Craig answered lunging low grabbing for Glenda’s right leg.

Glenda saw the move coming and easily countered it. Glenda slipped aside so Craig missed her leg, as he passed her, Glenda slammed the palm of her hand into the side Craig’s head. Craig groaned as Glenda’s hand slammed into the side of his head the blow stunning him slightly. He was slow in rolling away allowing Glenda to deliver a follow up blow. She lashed out with foot, the sole of Glenda’s black wrestling boot caught Craig on the side of the head. The boot to the side of the head had more effect and Craig dropped to the ring.

No boots, is a mistake, if your opponent is wearing them”, Glenda said as Craig lay face down moaning on the canvas. “Particularly if your opponent is more experienced than you”, she added dropping down and elbowing Craig between the shoulder blades. “Ah fuck, my back”, Craig groaned arching his back and rolling over hands reaching behind to try and ease the pain between his shoulders. Showing no mercy to her inexperienced young male opponent, Glenda drove her fist into his belly.

Craig let out a strangled gasp and rolled over clutching his aching belly. “OK, when you have your opponent down like this the best thing to do is to start working on their legs”, Glenda said for the benefit of the cameras. “The single leg Boston is an excellent way to cause pain and weaken and it”, she added. Glenda grabbed hold of Craig’s right leg and pulled it back towards his head. When she had Craig’s leg raised off the ring she bent it back applying more pressure. Glenda held Craig’s leg by the ankle with her right hand placed her left hand on his thigh just above the knee. This gave Glenda the perfect hold to force Craig’s leg right back.

Craig groaned louder as Glenda forced his leg further towards his head clamping the single leg Boston on much harder. Glenda forced Craig’s leg right back applying painful pressure to it. The cameras and crowd could actually see Craig’s thigh muscles tightening and bulging as they were pressured and compressed by Glenda’s single leg Boston. “Nice one this isn’t it boy, nice and painful”, Glenda said yanking on Craig’s leg forcing it back a litle further. Craig didn’t reply he only gasped in pain face grimacing. “Want to give boy?”, Glenda asked. “No, ….. no, …… no way”, Craig replied painfully. “Sure boy, I can keep you like this all night”, Glenda warned Craig. “Your leg must be cramping up already”, Glenda added. “No I won’t give”, Craig replied his eyes tightly closed as he tried to concentrate on not giving up.

Well I’m sure I can help you in that department boy”, Glenda said. Glenda moved her left hand from under Craig’s knee and clenched her fist. Glenda started to punch Craig’s right leg pounding his tightly constricted thigh muscles. “I know knee is better, but with your leg bent in the Boston its every bit as effective”, Glenda said as she drove punch after punch into Craig’s thigh. Craig pounded the canvas with his fist gasping in agony. “Like this each punch is as painful and effective as the most hard knee”, Glenda said as she really went to work on Craig’s thigh.

Everyone a dead leg, how long can you last boy?”, Glenda asked. “Oh please my leg, …… my leg”, Craig gasped wearily. “Oh dear am I hurting your leg little boy?”, Glenda asked as she let go of Craig’s leg. Craig let out a sigh of relief as his leg was freed from the single leg Boston, but grunted as Glenda kneed him in the small of the back as she hopped across him.

Before Craig had chance to recover Glenda grabbed his left leg and yanked it back applying another single leg Boston. “Oh no not my left leg as well”, Craig groaned. “Yes boy now your left leg we can’t have one leg hurting and not the other one”, Glenda stated clamping the single leg Boston on hard. “Good isn’t it boy”, Glenda said as really went to work on Craig’s left leg. She used the two handed grip on knee and thigh to force Craig’s left leg right back until he screamed.

Glenda didn’t release Craig’s leg despite his screams, she held it place by his ankle and started to pummel his thigh muscle with her free hand. Craig flinched in agony screaming as he pounded the ring with his fists. Just when Craig thought he couldn’t take any more and he was going to give, Glenda released his left leg and let it drop to the ring. As Craig lay groaning face down on the canvas Glenda sat astride his back facing his feet.

When are you going to put up some resistance and wrestle me boy?”, Glenda inquired. “Oh you bitch just you wait”, Craig gasped breathlessly. “Huh I can’t wait that long boy”, she replied. “However you do have a lovely bum boy”, Glenda added running her hands over Craig’s arse squeezing his bum cheeks. “Hey that’s not aloud”, Craig protested. “Yes it is boy I’m allowed to make you come remember”, Glenda replied.

Oh fuck no, let me up, … let me up”, Craig said angrily starting to struggle. “Whoa boy, whoa, you’re going nowhere, … nowhere boy”, Glenda said riding out Craig’s struggles. “You do have a lovely arse boy, so slapable”, Glenda said. Glenda gave Craig’s arse a good hard slap that made him yelp in pain. “Ouch, aah fuck, …. cut that out”, Craig shouted still struggling to free himself. “Oh no boy, I’m going to have more fun with your legs first”, Glenda replied.

Glenda reached forward and grabbed hold of Craig’s legs and pulled them back towards his head. Glenda crossed Craig’s right leg over his left and pulled them back until his feet were pressing into the back of his thighs. “Ahhh, fuck, …. you’re breaking my legs”, Craig gasped. “Huh not hardly boy”, Glenda snapped. “But I’m glad you like the double cross over reverse leg press, because it only gets better”, she added. Glenda pulled harder on Craig’s legs, she kept pulling until she’d raised his bent legs off the ring. “Ahh, shit my legs, …. my fucking legs”, Craig screamed. “Well you can always give boy”, Glenda quipped. “Fuck you”, Craig snapped in reply.

No fuck you boy”, Glenda said yanking harder on Craig’s legs making him scream louder. “See I am fucking you boy, fucking your legs and back up”, Glenda added. She was really enjoying working Craig over making him suffer. “You sure you don’t want to give boy?”, Glenda asked. “No nn, no fuck you”, was Craig’s rather hesitant reply. “Well you will with this boy”, Glenda stated. Glenda eased Craig’s legs back a little and uncrossed them. “OK boy here comes your first submission”, Glenda said.

Glenda stood up and stooped astride Craig’s back while she pulled his legs back toward his head. “Ahhhh, fuck, ..fuck, …. my back, …. my back”, Craig screamed as Glenda pulled his legs right back painfully pressuring his lower back and bending his spine. Glenda didn’t stop until she had Craig’s back bent right over and he was screaming helplessly. “Well boy you gong to give to me?”, Glenda asked yanking hard on Craig’s legs. “Yes, …. yes, ……yes, I give, .. I fucking give”, Craig screamed. “About time too boy”, Glenda said as the women team score notched up one point to four points.

Ohh my back, …. please let me go, …. I gave”, Craig groaned. “Not yet little boy, … not yet”, Glenda replied. She tucked Craig’s legs under her arms freeing her hands. “But I gave you have to”, Craig protested. “Not until I’ve played with your little cute boy bum, and little stiff boy cock”, Glenda said. “No please, ….. please not that please”, Craig gasped a s Glenda ran her hands over his arse squeezing his bum cheeks. Glenda ran her hand over Craig cock that was stiff and hard in his brief white speedos

Mmmmmm, …. small but nice and stiff”, Glenda said much to the amusement of the crowd. “Look like I’m about to get another point from your team boy”, Glenda said wanking Craig’s stiff cock through his speedos. “No please, …. not here, ….. not on TV”, Craig pleaded. “Yes here and now, boy, ….. on TV”, Glenda replied as continued to wank his cock. She eased the front of Craig’s white speedos down and grabbed his cock. Glenda started to wank Craig’s erect excited cock even faster squeezing it hard. “You’re going to come for me boy”, Glenda said. “Your going to come for me on TV and the net”, she added. “No way, … no fucking way”, Craig screamed. He some how found the strength bolstered by fear and desperation to push back with his legs.

He caught Glenda off balance leaning forward to wank him harder and really go to work on his cock. Craig managed to pitch Glenda forwards sending her head over heals across the ring into the ropes. Craig let out a sigh or relief as the painful strain was taken off his lower back. He lay face down panting letting the pain ease in his back trying not to come, Glenda had taken him very close to the wire. He lay there for a few more seconds before getting up and stuffing his hard excited cock back into his speedos. He leaned wearily against the corner roped rubbing his lower back.

So then, you want to wrestle after all boy”, Glenda said standing up. “Yes”, Craig responded not feeling very confident at all. “OK its time to meet my boots again boy”, Glenda said rushing across the ring. Glenda jumped up delivering high a drop kick to Craig’s chest. Craig grunted as Glenda’s boots hit his chest knocking him back into the corner ropes. “Yes boots are a definite advantage boy”, Glenda said as she delivered a high kick to the side of Craig’s head. Craig was dazed by the high kick to his head and slumped into the corner ropes.

I bet your thighs still ache”, Glenda said. “Well they will after this juicy dead leg boy”, she added bringing her knee up hard into Craig’s right thigh. “Oh you bitch”, Craig groaned as his right thigh started to go numb from the vicious dead leg. “As you like that so much boy have another”, Glenda said kneeing Craig in the left thigh. “Ahh fuck my legs”, Craig groaned staggering out of the corner. He only got a few steps before his legs gave way and he dropped to the ring.

Do you like my knee boy?”, Glenda asked kneeing Craig in the solar plexus. “Ohhhhh shit, …no”, Craig gasped in reply partially winded by the knee to his solar plexus. “Huh, never mind, ….but that’s no reason to stop is it”, Glenda said kneeing Craig in the ribs. “Bitch”, Craig grunted as he was kneed in the ribs. “OK boy one more to the solar plexus to put you down”, Glenda said smiling at Craig’s pained expression. “This time you’re going to lose that cute suit and I’m going to make you come boy”, Glenda added.

Not this time bitch”, Craig said swinging his right fist up between Glenda’s legs just as she was about to knee him again. “Ohhhhhhhhh shit, …. Ohh you little bastard”, Glenda gasped as Craig punched her in the crotch. Glenda’s attack fell to pieces and she dropped to the knees clutching her groin. Craig knew he needed a short breathing pace to allow him to recover, so he fired a left and right punch into Glenda’s breasts. Glenda groaned as Craig’s fists slammed into her tits. “Those were a good attacks against a woman I believe”, Craig said as loudly as he could getting a few cheers from the crowd.

Glenda dropped to the ring and rolled around in agony hurting in three places, both tits, and her cunt. “Oh you little bastard, …. you little bastard”, she moaned. “Yeah not so good is it when your on the receiving end is it”, Craig said dropping down and driving his knee into Glenda’s belly. Glenda let out along painful gasp and doubled up clasping her aching belly. Craig stood over Glenda as she knelt doubled over her head pressed to the ring. “Ohh you little shit, …. you little shit”, Glenda groaned. “Yes that’s about it”, Craig said putting his foot on Glenda’s shoulder and pushing her over. Glenda flopped onto her back hands still clasping her aching belly.

Craig knelt down behind Glenda’s head and trapped her head between his thighs. “I hope you like this one”, Craig said squeezing Glenda’s head between his thighs. Glenda cursed twisting violently as Craig crushed her head between his thighs. She instinctively grabbed hold of Craig’s thighs and tried to prise them apart. “Do you want to give?”, Craig asked flexing his thigh muscles and squeezing Glenda’s head harder between his thighs. “No way you little shit, .. just you wait”, Glenda groaned from between his thighs.

You sure about that old woman?”, Craig asked pressing his knees together. “Oh you little bastard I’m going to kill you”, Glenda said angrily groping blindly for Craig’s balls. “Craig swatted Glenda’s hand away from his balls. “Hands off old woman”, Craig said as he punched Glenda in the solar plexus. “Oh you little shit, you bastard”, Glenda gasped breathlessly. “Oh yes I think this is supposed to be good against a woman”, Craig said a she grabbed hold of Glenda’s breasts squeezing them through her bathing suit. “Ahh shit, ..let go, .. let go”, Glenda wailed as Craig crushed and twisted her breasts.

Sure you don’t want to give yet?”, Craig asked pinching and twisting Glenda’s nipples. He pinched them hard twisting them right round while continuing to crush her head between his thighs. “Oh never you little prick, ….. you little prick”, Glenda cursed. “Well if I can’t make you give then maybe if I’m a litle gentler I can make you come instead”, Craig stated. He started to caress Glenda’s breasts flicking her heard erect nipples with his fingers. “Oh you wouldn’t”, Glenda gasped in shock as Craig teased her breasts. “Yes I would and what’s more I think I’ll get your tits out now”, Craig said gleefully. “You wouldn’t dare”, Glenda said in horror. “Wouldn’t I”, Craig replied easing the shoulder strap of Glenda swimsuit down.

Ohh you little shit”, Glenda snapped angrily. “Just let me get hold of your balls and you’ll know it boy”, she added grabbing blindly at Craig’s crotch. Craig swatted Glenda’s hand away from his balls again, but he knew he would have to subdue Glenda if he wanted play with her tits unmolested. Craig punched Glenda in the solar plexus a couple of time completely winding her. Glenda let out a strangled gasp and her arms dropped limply to her sides and she just lay there struggling for breath. Craig rolled the top of Glenda’s swimsuit down exposing her breasts.

Mmmmmmm, lovely tits”, Craig said as he looked at Glenda’s large firm breasts. He’s started to caress Glenda’s breasts again kneading them with his hands. Craig smiled as he saw and felt Glenda twisting and writhing beneath him and he knew he was having an effect and exciting her. “Sure your not going to come old woman?”, Craig asked. “Your moaning a lot he added as he flicked Glenda’s hard erect nipples with his fingers. Glenda was both angry and excited but was still too winded to say anything. However it didn’t stop her responding to Craig’s teasing and caressing touch. When he flicked her nipples a shudder of excitement shot right though her body.

As her excitement rose with Glenda could feel herself getting damp between the legs. Shit I’ve got to get out of this, or this little prick just might make me come after all”, Glenda thought to herself. However her first task was to get enough breath back to be able to move. I only hope its soon as this little shit is really turning me on she thought. Craig kept on teasing Glenda’s breasts making her twist and writhe in response. However Craig knew that Glenda would recover long before his teasing of her tits would make her come, so he decided to act while he could.

Craig gave Glenda’s head one last squeeze between his thighs and her hard erect nipples one last cheeky tweak. Craig released Glenda’s head from between his thighs and rolled her onto her belly. He grabbed hold of Glenda’s suit pulling it down lower completely exposing her upper body. Craig didn’t stop there he pulled right down to her ankles and completely off, stripping her naked. “Oh you little bastard just you wait”, Glenda gasped finally getting her breath back. She rolled onto her back, hands trying to cover breasts and crotch.

Just whose suit was coming off did you say?”, Craig asked holding Glenda’s swimsuit above his head. “I’m going to kill you boy”, Glenda snapped angrily. “Not before I make you submit and come hopefully”, Craig replied driving his fist into her belly. Glenda let out a short gasp of pain and doubled up. "Oh you little shit, …. you little shit”, she groaned. Craig waited for Glenda to roll onto her side then clamped his thighs round her head. “A head scissors should be good enough to get a submission”, Craig said clamping Glenda’s head between his thighs.

He flexed his thigh muscles and crushed Glenda’s head making her groan louder. Glenda clawed at Craig’s thighs trying to prise them open. Craig eased the pressure on Glenda’s head slightly allowing her to twist round. He waited till she was lying on her back and clamped the head scissors back on. “Great just where I want you”, Craig said flexing his thigh muscles really crushing Glenda’s head. Glenda kicked and buck twisting as she clawed at Craig’s thighs desperately trying to break the head scissors.

Craig knew Glenda’s struggles were futile and he reached out and started to caress her breasts. Although Glenda was concentrating on breaking free she couldn’t help responding Craig’s attentions to her breasts. Craig smiled as Glenda’s body twisted and writhed in response to his teasing of her breasts. “You could give and save yourself from being made to come”, Craig suggested. “Fuck you, just wait”, Glenda said angrily. “I’m going to drain you boy then bust those little balls of yours”, she added. “Well your choice at the moment is to give or come”, Craig said.

Craig flexed his thigh muscles as hard as he could squeezing Glenda’s head. “So come on give”, Craig demanded really going to work on her head while mercilessly teasing her breasts. “Oh you little shit, ….. you little shit”, Glenda gasped groaning from a potent mixture of pain and arousal. Craig stretched out a hand and started to finger Glenda’s cunt. “Oh you little sod stop that”, Glenda protested. “No its allowed remember, I can do it to make you come”, Craig replied. “Huh you won’t do that to me any day boy”, Glenda said renewing her struggles. “Oh yes I will make you come”, Craig said teasing the sensitive opening of Glenda’s cunt.

Craig continued his three way assault on Glenda crushing her head with his thighs while teasing her breasts and cunt. “Ohhhh no, . not here, . not now”, Glenda gasped excitedly as Craig pushed his forefinger into her cunt. “Yes here, …now, … on TV, on the net”, Craig replied moving his finger in and out of Glenda’s cunt. While Craig finger fucked Glenda with his left hand he used his right hand to tease her breasts and continued to crush her head between his thighs. “Ohhhh, ..ohh, ..shit, … please not like this”, Glenda moaned helplessly caught in the throws of arousal. “Yes your going to come old woman, I’m going to make you come”, Craig said gleefully. “Ohhh, no, ohh shit, . Ohhh, . Ohhh, god”, Glenda gasped.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, shit, …OK, …I, ……I, …. give, …..I give”, Glenda shouted breathlessly. “About time to, but its too late to stop now old woman”, Craig said as he continued his three way assault on Glenda’s body. “But thank you for the point, that makes the teams even”, he added. “Oh shit let me go you got the submission”, Glenda moaned. “Oh no not until you come your so close old woman we both know it”, Craig replied. “Ohhh no, … not that, … not that”, She groaned. “Yes your going to come in front of the cameras live on the net”, Craig said gleefully. “Ohhhhhh, . Noooooooo, shittttttt”, Glenda screamed as she suffered a violent orgasm.

Hot juices poured from her cunt soaking Craig’s hand and running onto the canvas. “That puts us ahead I believe”, Craig said releasing Glenda’s head. Glenda went limp as her violent orgasm came to and end and she just lay there gasping too weak to move exhausted by her forced orgasm. Craig started to unlace Glenda’s wrestling boots. “I may as well take away this advantage while I have the chance”, Craig said to the crowd and cameras. He pulled Glenda’s wrestling boots off and threw them out of the ring. “Oh you little shit”, Glenda said annoyed but still too weak to stop him. “OK old woman I’m ready to wrestle again when you are”, Craig said standing up and walking to his corner. Glenda got up after a few seconds and walked wearily to her corner.

There will be a one minute break for the loser to recover”, the master of ceremonies voice announced over the loud speakers. “Oh yes by the way net hits have tripled and we have plenty of orders for the video when its done”, he added. The bell sounded signalling the end of the minutes rest period. Craig moved confidently out of his corner into the ring. Glenda moved more cautiously out of her corner into the ring, conscious of her nakedness but more importantly still weary from her forced orgasm.

Noting Glenda’s hesitation and realising she would be weary from the orgasm, Craig charged towards her. Craig shoulder barged Glenda sending her careering back into her corner. Glenda groaned as her back collided with the turnbuckles, hammering her in the small of the back and between the shoulder blades. Glenda gasped as Craig body checked her into the corner post. Before Glenda had chance to worry about her aching back, Craig grabbed her arm and span her round sending her crashing into the other corner.

Glenda groaned louder as her back took another hammering from the turnbuckles. The impact propelled Glenda back out of the corner to where Craig was waiting for her. As Glenda shot out of the corner Craig brought his knee up into her bread basket. Glenda was stopped dead and she let out a strangled gasp, dropping to her knees clutching her aching belly. “Well old woman it looks like your down again”, Craig said as he towered over her. “Oh yes here’s something I owe”, he added slamming the palm of his right hand into the side of Glenda’s head.

Glenda grunted dazed by the blow and sprawled out on her back. Craig grabbed hold of Glenda’s right arm and lifted it ready to apply an arm lock. Craig pressed Glenda’s arm against his leg bending her elbow over his knee cruelly pressuring the joint. “Oh my arm, .. you little shit”, Glenda cursed. “You can always give you know”, Craig said applying more pressure to Glenda’s arm. “Never you little shit Glenda replied angrily. “Never again don’t you mean”, Craig sneered bending Glenda’s wrist back. “Ohhh shit, ….. you little sod”, Glenda groaned. “Come on give before I fuck your arm up”, Craig demanded yanking on Glenda’s arm making her groan louder.

Well you going to give to me again old woman?”, Craig asked. “Yeah I’m going to give to you boy”, Glenda replied. “Give you this you little bastard”, she added. She twisted her body round even though it put more pressure on her arm and punched Craig hard between the legs. Craig went rigid and gasped in pain as Glenda punched him hard in the balls. He let go of Glenda’s arm and stood there tottering unsteadily in shock. “I owed you that boy”, Glenda said trying to rub some lift back into her right arm and shoulder. “But you can have this one for free”, she added.

Oh no, …. no”, Craig yelped. However the pain in his balls and stunned him, and he his arms were limp at his sides. There was nothing he could do to stop Glenda punching him in the balls again. The second punch was even harder than the first and Craig dropped screaming to the ring. Craig rolled about in agony doubled up clutching his balls. “Oh my balls, …. my fucking balls”, Craig moaned. “Good boy, ….. I hope I fucking bust them”, Glenda snapped as she pulled herself up with the ropes. Glenda leaned against the ropes rubbing her right arm and shoulder trying to get life and feeling back into them. “OK now your going to get it you little shit”, Glenda said as she watched Craig roll about the ring in agony.

By the time Craig stopped rolling round the ring and his pain has subsided enough for him to get up, Glenda had recovered and was ready to wrestle again and carry out her threat. Craig just about managed to get to his knees and knelt clutching his balls as they still hurt. “Come get up and wrestle boy I’m waiting”, Glenda ordered. “OK, …. OK, give us a break”, Craig replied. “My pleasure boy”, Glenda said scooping Craig up in a neck and crotch hold.

Glenda hoisted Craig’s body up to shoulder height before body slamming him to the ring. Craig groaned as he hit the ring jarring his back. “Ohh you bitch my back, back”, Craig groaned arching his back, his face screwing up in a grimace. “Ohh you bitch , …you bitch”, Craig moaned crawling to the ropes and pulling himself up. Glenda grabbed hold of Craig’s arm and whirled him round, sending him crashing into the corner post. Craig groaned louder as his aching back was slammed into the turnbuckles.

The turnbuckles hit him hard between the shoulder blades and lower back. Craig slumped in the corner ropes groaning from the pain in his back. Glenda charged in body checking Craig into the turnbuckles. Craig grunted as his back was driven hard into the turnbuckles by Glenda’s momentum and their combined body weights. He stumbled out of the corner stiff backed and was scooped up in a crotch and neck hold by Glenda. “Oh shit, no please, …. Not again”, Craig cried as Glenda hoisted his body up to shoulder height. “Yes boy, …. yes”, Glenda replied body slamming Craig to the ring.

Ahhhh fuck, back, …my back”, Craig gasped clutching his lower back as he rolled around the ring. “Your back hurts does it boy?”, Glenda asked. “Yes it does you bitch”, Craig replied as he lay face down nursing his lower back with his hands. “Good”, Glenda snapped stomping down with her foot to the small of his back. “Ohhhhh, shit”, Craig groaned moaning in pain. “Yes the bitch who is going to sought you out”, Glenda replied.

Glenda bent down grabbing Craig in a crotch and neck hold and hoisted him up to her shoulders. “No please, ..please, …don’t”, Craig shouted in alarm. “Yes boy, …. I’m going to break your body, … cocky little boy”, Glenda said. “Or should I say little cocked boy”, she said with a sneer drawing cheers from the crowd. Instead of body slamming Craig to the ring she spun his body though 90 degrees and dropped down onto one knee driving Craig’s shoulder into her knee. “Ahhh fuck”, Craig groaned as his shoulder was slammed into Glenda’s knee jarring it to the bone.

Glenda let go of Craig’s body and he dropped to the ring. Craig lay groaning on the canvas while Glenda stood over him. She didn’t leave Craig lying there long just long enough for the pain to filter right through his body. Glenda scooped Craig up by his neck and crotch ignoring his screams and dropped his back down onto her waiting knee. Craig screamed as Glenda delivered a perfect text book back breaker to his lower back.

Glenda let go of Craig’s body and he rolled off her knee onto the ring. Craig lay groaning on his side his back arched in pain, hands clutching his lower back. “Ohh fuck, .. my back, …. my back”, Craig groaned breathlessly. “Yeah we all know about it boy”, Glenda sneered as she grabbed hold of Craig in another neck and crotch hold. “Oh please no, ….. please, ….. not again Craig pleaded as Glenda scooped him up. “Yes boy, I said I was gong to break your body and I always keep my word”, Glenda replied.

Glenda lifted Craig scrabbling body up by his neck and crotch but only to waist height. Glenda dropped down onto one knee, and lowered his body onto her knee draping his body across it. “Oh fuck no, .. not more”, Craig cried as his body was lowered onto Glenda’s knee. “Oh yes boy this is going to be the best bit”, Glenda replied. “For me that is boy”, she added. “Let me go, …..let me go”, Craig protested struggling furiously. Craig’s body hung over Glenda’s knee and his struggling only put more pressure on his aching back. Craig made a grab for Glenda’s arm while he kicked furiously.

Down boy, … down, … your going nowhere boy, ….nowhere”, Glenda said pressing down on his chest and legs. “Ahhhh fuck no my back, …. my back”, Craig groaned as his back was bent tighter over Glenda'’ knee. “Yes boy, … that’s what I’m going to do boy, …… fuck your back”, Glenda said gleefully pressing down harder, bending Craig even tighter over her knee. “Ahhh, fuck, …. my back, … my back”, Craig screamed as he was stretched tightly over Glenda’s knee. The strain on Craig’s back was now very intense his stomach muscles were stretched tight and his rib cage sucked right in. He really was in trouble and everyone except Craig was loving it. He was aroused by it though, his cock sticking up hard in his tight fitting brief white speedos, but he certainly wasn’t enjoying it.

Yes boy, … yes boy, ….. I’m going to break your back now”, Glenda said pressing down even harder. “Please, ….. please … don’t”, Craig screamed helplessly. “Then give to me boy, …. give to me”, Glenda demanded pressing down harder still. “Fucccccccccccccck”, Craig screamed. “OK, ….. OK, … I give, ….. I give”, he screamed hoarsely. “Why thank you boy”, Glenda replied as the women’s’ score clocked up one point to four points. “However runt don’t think your getting out of it that easily”, Glenda added. “Oh shit please, ….. come on, …. come on, ….. I gave, …. I gave”, Craig gasped in shock.

By Friar copyright 2001

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The cover of Mallorcan escapades part 3 available from battle annals


extract from the mixed wrestling storybook mallorcan escapades part 3 available from battle annals



Chris rested for a couple of days after his mauling at the hands of Emma, and Tara. He had not heard from either of them. The phone rang and he picked it up. "Hi", Chris said; "Hi Chris its Emma", Emma's voice said on the other end of the phone. "I had a letter from Mallorca today", explained Emma. "Victoria, Catherine, and their brother Juan are coming to England", she added. "Great when are they coming?", Chris asked Emma. "Next week, we can put Victoria and Catherine up", Emma said. "Can you put Juan up?", she asked. "I don't see why not it should be all right", replied Chris. "The thing is he's bringing his new girl friend Erica she's Swedish by the way", Emma said. "Ah, well yeah I think that will be all right still", stated Chris. "Great I'll give you more details later bye", Emma said.

Wow Victoria, Catherine, and Juan not to mention his mysterious new girl coming to England. Chris's mind wandered back to their holiday and the first time they met their Spanish neighbours. The next day after their wrestling activities they decided to go sight seeing for the day. They drove round the island and did not get back till late. They were all tired so it was decided to; leave the fighting till tomorrow.

The next morning after breakfast they walked down to the beach, and spread themselves out to sun bathe. They had only been their ten minutes when a voice with a Spanish accent said, "Hello we have the villa next door". They turned round to see two women, and a man standing looking at them. "Hi my name's Victoria", said the tallest of the two women. She was tall nearly six feet with a beautiful bronzed body. Her auburn hair touching her shoulders. Victoria wore a very brief white Bikini.

"This is Catherine my sister", Victoria said. Introducing the other woman. Catherine was a couple of inches shorter than Victoria. However she shared her beauty, and athletic looks. Catherine had brown hair with a hint of red in it. It was shorter than Mercedes ending just above her collar. Catherine smiled at them; she wore a red full length swim suit.

"This is my brother Juan", Victoria said introducing the man. Juan was short barely five feet in height. His body was thin almost emaciated. He had short black hair and dark skin. He wore a very brief pair of purple speedos. "Hi my name's Emma", Emma said standing up. "This is Mike", she said pointing to Mike. "That's Tara his girl friend", Emma added. "This is Chris my boy friend", she said pointing to Chris. They all shook hands in turn and greeted each other.

"We tried to call on you yesterday but you were out", Victoria said. "I hope you don't mind but were saw you fighting on the first day", she sated. "What well er, I er", Emma said shocked. "Oh don't be embarrassed we couldn't believe out luck", Victoria said. "We wrestle and box with each other regularly", she added. "The only man we've fought with is Juan our brother and we always beat him", Victoria said. "So when we saw you all fighting men, and women together we were delighted", Victoria stated. "So your fighters as well?", asked Emma, Victoria nodded. "Oh great that's wonderful you hear that everyone we have got three new members for our little club", stated Emma.

The three new comers sat down and they discussed past fights and how they all came to start fighting. "OK let's not waste any time lets get fighting", suggested Tara. "Good idea but who goes first?", asked Mike. "We usually spin the bottle to see who fights who it more exciting", Victoria said. "Good idea lets do it", stated Emma. They all sat round in a circle and Emma spun an empty coke bottle in the sand.

It stopped opposite Juan; Emma spun it again. Everyone watched eagerly as it passed them. The bottle came to rest in front of Tara. "It's Juan and Tara to wrestle first", announced Emma. The contestants stood up and walked to the sand the sight of the wrestling match; they stood facing each other. Tara was heavy and taller than Juan. Her dark skin looked radiant in the sunshine; she wore Chris's speedos and no top. Juan looked small and vulnerable compared to Tara. His thin short frame, and even darker skin contrasted with micro purple speedos. "We fight no holds barred all in anything goes Juan that OK with you?", Tara asked. "Yes Tara it is OK with me", replied Juan.

Juan took up a defensive stance legs slightly apart standing on the balls of his feet; hands held ready. He wondered why Tara just stood there calmly watching him. He didn't have to wait long. Tara's right foot shot out and kicked him hard in the balls. Juan squealed and dropped to his knees, holding his balls. "Its all in no holds barred, Juan I just thought I should remind you", Tara said. Juan looked up as he knelt bent over in the hot sand. Tara stepped beside him and delivered an elbow drop to the centre of his back.

Juan slumped to the sand and lay there moaning. Tara moved quickly and trapped Juan in a Boston crab. Juan screamed as Tara applied pressure to the cruel hold, making his back muscles and spine suffer. Tara sat down on Juan's back pulling his legs right back doubling the strain and agony on his back. "Argh no please Tara, please I give", Juan shouted slapping the hot sand.

"Do you really little man well I'm not finished with you yet", Tara said. She stood up again and astride Juan's back. Tara pulled Juan's legs even further back to squeals of protest from him until Tara could hook Juan's legs under her arms and free her hands. "OK boy lets see what you've got in these speedos", Tara said reaching towards Juan's groin. The bulge Juan's tight skimpy speedos seemed to grow large as Tara's hand inched towards it. Juan's body shuddered weakly as Tara grabbed his hard cock through the thin material of his speedos. "Boy you are little guy in more ways than one Juan", Tara taunted. "Its hard, but it hard to find if you know what I mean", she added. Juan squirmed as Tara played with his cock.

"OK Juan let me see what shall I do?", Tara said. "Shall I break your back?", Tara asked. Jerking Juan's legs back increasing the strain on his back, and making him scream. "Or shall I milk this little prick of yours?", she asked him. Tara started to massage Juan's groin; his short cock was soon visible sticking up in his tight trunks.

Tara pumped her hand up and down its short length, making Juan catch his breath and gasp in excitement. Tara started to push down on her arms while pumping faster with her hand. Juan screamed as his back was arched more. Juan's screams were punctuated with gasps of pleasure, as Tara wanked him towards ejaculation. The combination of pain and pleasure was quickly forcing Juan to lose control he was close very close to complete defeat at Tara's hands. Female was on the edge of victory over the male. Tara quickly whipped Juan's trunks down, exposing his excited naked cock.

Victoria, and Catherine had watched the match with growing excitement. They only thing they enjoyed more than making their brother Juan suffer. Was watching him suffer at the hands of another woman. Tara was really hammering Juan showing him no mercy. She had him trapped in a Boston crab as was wanking him as well. They knew Juan would not be able to resist against such strong stimulation. Juan's short naked cock was held prisoner by Tara's hand. She worked it furiously.

The only other thing that Victoria and Catherine may have found more exciting was the prospect of wrestling strong capable women like Tara and Emma. Also larger stronger males than their brother. Now this seemed immanent as well now they had met the two English couples. A fight with the Mike was appealing they had never fought a black man before. Most of all they both wanted to wrestle Chris together in a tag match, where they tagged and he didn't. They recognised Chris as a kindred spirit with Juan. Chris was bigger and stronger than Juan. However they both sensed that he liked to lose to women and they were certainly ready to oblige him in that score.

"Well Juan do you want to submit?", Tara asked him. "Or do you want me to wank you some more?", she inquired. "I, I, I, I, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Santa Maria", Juan gasped as his cock exploded. Sending spunk shooting into the air. "Oh dear to late Juan, you left it to late to submit", Tara said. "No I've won by a T.K.O", Tara announced. Tara let Juan go and he collapsed onto the hot sand. Even though the hot sand was uncomfortable against his skin Juan was too weak to move. Juan's sensitive cock was pressed by his body weigh into the hot sand. He writhed about helplessly unable to do anything about it.

By Friar copyright 1996

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The cover of Who's the Squirt Now, mixed wrestling and boxing, storybook from battle annals.


Extract from the mixed wrestling story who's the squirt now from battle-annals



Roger Blake sat on the train it was three o'clock in the afternoon he had been travelling since breakfast time Roger was going to his grandmothers in North Wales for the summer holidays. He was not looking forward to it he had not been for years. Four years to be precise.

Roger was sixteen years old. He had a strong and athletic body. His dark hair complemented his light almost white skin. Roger was good looking, and excelled at sports. God another hour before I change at Cardiff, he thought to himself then another three to the nearest station. Then another hour's bus ride. I only hope it's worth it he thought.

Roger could remember saying to his mother as she waved good-bye to him on the platform. "It will be Susan will be there. Susan being his younger cousin a veritable brat and tomboy whom he had tormented and bullied she was eleven when they last met. That meant she would be fifteen now. Roger wondered what she was like. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad after all.

Roger finally arrived at his Grans Farm house at 8.45 PM. She had a supper waiting for him. His Gran talked to him all the time plying him with questions about home. She didn't run the place as a farm anymore. It was a holiday home she had converted the barn to take bed and breakfast. "Roger", said his Gran, "Yes Gran", Gran he replied. "The silly holiday company have double booked me", she said. "So I have had to give your room, and Susan's room to the other family", she added. "Which means you will have to share the attic with Susan like you used to", stated his Gran. "You don't mind do you", she asked. "Of course not Gran", he answered. Susan's already gone to bed try not to disturb her", said his Gran. "I won't", said Roger carrying his case upstairs.

Susan wasn't asleep. She was lying in bed reading a book. Roger put his case down and took of his blazer. He then removed his shoes and socks when he stood up to take his shirt off. He could see Susan watching him. "Aren't you going to look the other way, or turn the light off", he asked. "No", she replied as she continued to watch him. Roger peeled his shirt off. He had no choice. He either had to go to bed in his trousers. Or strip in front of Susan.

Roger removed his black school trousers. He stood there in a pair of regulation white school Y-fronts. "Like what you see", asked Roger striking a pose for Susan. "Hmm not bad for a boy I suppose", she said. "Think you can do better", challenged Roger.

Susan put down her book pulled back the covers, and got out of bed. Roger gasped Susan was naked save for a pair of navy blue sports knickers. Her body although strong and muscular had all the female curves. Her breasts were large, and taught. Roger's body quivered slightly as Susan towered over him. He felt weak like a boy in front of a man in his prime. "Well who's the Squirt now then", asked Susan.

"I'm still stronger and I can still beat you any day", Roger challenged. "Well lets see then I like a challenge", replied Susan. "OK I'm ready when you are", snapped Roger. "Right arm wrestling then we can use the bedside table", said Susan. She then picked up the small table and placed it between to two beds.

Roger sat one side while Susan sat opposite him, with their knees touching underneath. Susan slipped her knee between Roger's she then placed her feet on top of his. They clasped each other's wrists, and locked elbows on the table. Susan opened her knees spreading Rogers' until they were pressed against the side of the bed. She looked into his eyes and saw hesitation and fear. "Ready", she asked. "Yes", replied Roger hoarsely.

"Well before we start let's get the rules settled", said Susan. "If you win, you get to do what you want with me", she stated. "However if I win then you agree to be my wrestling practice dummy", she said. "Practise dummy", asked Roger puzzled. "I practise my wrestling hold on your body without you resisting", replied Susan. "Agreed", Roger said, as he, and Susan gripped each other's arms tensing their muscles.

Susan and Roger struggled arms locked muscles bulging from the strain. Roger pushed as hard as he could yet it was not enough to overcome Susan. They were both soon sweating from the exertion. Susan could see doubt in Roger’s eyes, and the first hint of defeat.

Susan let Roger push her arm nearer the table, and then whipped it back to the centre. She played with Roger like this for ten minutes letting him think he was winning then stopping him dead. Roger's arm felt tired he couldn't hold on much more. It began to shake with the strain. Susan seeing her opponent was finished went for the kill.

She looked straight into Roger’s eyes as she slowly forced his arm flat to the table. "See I win who's the Squirt now then", she asked. Roger didn't answer he just pulled his arm away and held it, trying to tease the cramp in it. "I'm the winner now to practise some of my wrestling holds on your body Squirt", announced Susan.

One end of the attic was taken up by the two beds. The other had a large carpeted area between two large wardrobes. "If you please", said Susan indicating the centre of the carpet. Roger stood in the centre of the carpet hands at his side. Susan stood next to him stretching her arm muscles. Roger’s body shuddered slightly at the sight of Susan's muscles. "Not afraid are you big boy", asked Susan. "Don't worry I won't hurt you, no that's a lie I will hurt you", she said smiling as Roger shivered in fear.

"Something simple first an arm lock I think turn round", Susan said. Roger turned round Susan took hold of his left arm, and bent it up high behind his back. Roger gasped, and groaned. He cried out when Susan bent his wrist back. Susan just continued to apply the hold harder, and harder. Roger sunk to his knees as Susan worked his left arm over like a professional.

Susan dropped Rogers left arm, and then started on his right arm. With the cruel hammerlock, and wrist bend she soon had Rogers face pressed into the carpet shouting for release. "OK wimp that's enough stand up", ordered Susan as she dropped Rogers aching arm.

Roger climbed to his feet, "Arms above head", Susan barked. Roger lifted his arms over his head. Susan took Roger in a full Nelson, locking her fingers behind his neck. Then with her strong arms she viciously applied the hold. Susan forced Roger down inch by inch until she was grinding his nose into the carpet.

She released Roger’s body, and he dropped panting to the carpet. "What now oh I know I've never done a surf board yet", said Susan. "Lay on your belly", she ordered. Roger rolled over, and lay face down. Susan picked up Roger’s legs, and pushed then towards his head so that his calves pressed against the backs of his thighs she the knelt on his legs from behind pinning them in place. Susan lent forwards and took hold of Roger’s hands, and pulled his arms back.

Roger was now suffering badly his legs were being pressed tight while his spine was stretched painfully. "A perfect surf board if a do say so my self", said Susan as she pulled, and pressed at the same time drawing protests from Roger increasing the pressure on his back, and legs.

When she released Roger his body was beaded with sweat. "Now I've softened up your back I'll give you a Boston crab", announced Susan. Susan stood astride his body facing his feet. She then took hold of Roger’s legs, and pulled them back towards her as she sat on his shoulders. Roger squealed as Susan pulled and pulled straining his already pain filled back even more. By the time she had finished Roger was a gibbering wreck.

Susan rolled him onto his side, and locked his head in a choking figure four scissors. She crushed his head till she felt Roger’s body go limp. She then rolled him onto his back, and held him in a school boy pin. Susan slapped Roger’s face to revive him. When Roger came to he found Susan's face starring down into his she had him pinned helpless.

"How's it feel to be the Squirt for a change", asked Susan. Roger did not answer. Susan did not mind. "Don't worry you will get used to it", she said as she got off him. They then both lay on top of the beds to cool down.

"I enjoyed our little tussle did you", asked Susan. "No I did not", replied Roger indignantly. "Then why have you got an erection", challenged Susan pointing to Rogers bulging Y-fronts. "Bet you like girls beating you don't you", said Susan. "You beat me at arm wrestling not fighting", barked Roger. "We will see in the morning I never refuse a challenge", said Susan as she the switched out the light.

Susan lay on her bed, and listened to Roger's bed springs bouncing up and down, she new what he was doing. "Don't worry Squirt tomorrow when I beat you I will milk you myself. She then turned over and went to sleep.

When they woke up the next morning it was bright sunshine. Susan and Roger sat at the breakfast table with one of the families staying as guests. They had a daughter Debbie aged about thirteen. She was griping about having to go on a shopping trip with them. Then her face brightened as an idea came into her head. "I can buy a pair of speedos to go swimming in", she said. "Boys swimming trunks you will not", said her mother indignantly. "You will by a full swim suit or a bikini young lady", stated her mother.

"She can come swimming with us Mrs Browne, can't she Roger", said Susan. "That's very kind of you Susan", answered Mrs Browne. "Would you like that Debbie darling", asked Mrs Browne. "Yes please mummy", answered Debbie excited. That's settled then, let's have no more nonsense about boys’ swimming trunks", stated Mrs Browne.

Debbie's face dropped, and she went to with Debbie say something. She stopped when she saw Susan wink at her. Debbie's parents departed after breakfast for their shopping trip. "All back ready in ten minutes said Susan.

When Roger, and Susan got back to the attic. Roger asked, "Why did you ask that girl along". "I wanted her to come", replied Susan. "Come where, where are we going", he quizzed. "To our old meeting place the lake, that's where we are going", answered Susan. "You challenged me to a fight remember", she added. "OK I remember", said Roger. "I still don't know why you invited the kid", he added. "As a witness so you can't deny I beat you", stated Susan.

Roger stripped, and dressed in a pair of very brier tight fitting black speedos and wore some white nylon unlined football shorts over them. The shorts were almost transparent with his black trunks clearly visible underneath them. He then put on a blue cotton vest, and a pair of black plimsolls.

Susan dressed herself in a brief red Bikini, and white plimsolls. They met Debbie outside the farm house. She was standing waiting for them. Debbie had a green full length bathing suit on, with sandals on her feet.

The day was hot, and sunny there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was a two mile walk to the lake across fields, and foot paths. They were all hot and sweaty when they arrived so they decided to cool off in the lake. After a quick swim they lay in the grass beside the lake to sun bathe.

After about twenty minutes in which time no-one spoke. Susan sat up. "What about our fight then Roger", she asked. "What in front of the kid", said Roger. "Her name is Debbie", stated Susan.

"Your not afraid of losing in front of her are you", asked Susan. "No I'm not", replied Roger indignantly. "Then let's get on with it", said Susan.

"Are you two going to fight each other", asked Debbie. "Yes we are, and we are going to fight all in no holds barred", replied Samantha. "I'm going to show you how much stronger girls are than a boys and how easy they are to beat", said Susan. "Great can I watch", asked Debbie in an excited voice. "No", replied Roger. "Yes", said Susan correcting him.

"Which one of us do you think is the strongest", asked Susan. As she stood up, and posed flexing her muscles. Roger got up, and stood next to Susan flexing his muscles. "You are Susan your muscles are much bigger than poor Roger’s", stated Debbie.

Roger looked at Susan's strong muscular body that dwarfed his own. His tiny tight speedos only made him look even smaller beside Susan. He wondered what he was letting himself in for. His body shuddered slightly, as he considered losing to Susan in front of Debbie.

Roger and Susan circled round looking for an opening in each others' defence. Susan jumped on Roger knocking him to the ground, and crashing down heavily on him. They rolled around on the ground. With Susan mainly on top, ending up with Susan sat astride Roger's chest. She pushed down attempting to pin his arms to the ground. Roger fought back desperately, but could not stop Susan's stronger superior muscles from over coming his own.

Susan had Roger's arms pinned flat to the ground above his head. "Got you now Squirt", said Susan. "She's got you now Squirt", repeated Debbie excitedly. Roger struggled furiously but couldn't shake Susan off him. The more he struggled the weaker he got, until exhausted Roger just lay still. Susan sensing that Roger was exhausted started to bounce up, and down on his chest. Roger just gasped as Susan drove the wind out of him bouncing on his chest.

"Ready to submit yet", asked Susan. "No", he gasped in reply. Susan's response was to continue jumping up, and down on his chest. Roger's pale face stared up into Susan's his eyes pleading for mercy. "Submit now", asked Susan. Roger nodded. "I can't here you", stated Susan. "I submit", croaked Roger weakly.

"You won well done", said Debbie excitedly. "Thank you", said Susan. "That's one nil to me", she said to Roger. "Your going to continue", asked Debbie. "Of course", replied Susan. "It's the best off three", she added. "Oh please win I'd love to see you beat the pants off him", sated Debbie. "A novel idea but I think I'll beat the speedos off him instead", said Susan. "When I win you can have his speedos", she added. Debbie jumped up and down in excitement.

Roger angry sprang at Susan, and caught her wrong footed. As he crashed into Susan, he knocked her to the ground. Susan gasped as she hit the ground. Roger fell on top of her, driving his knee into her stomach. Susan was momentarily winded, and could not move. Roger slid on to her should attempting the school boy pin.

Susan was still short of breath. She realised she had to act quickly or be trapped under Roger. Susan locked arms with Roger a struggled ensued. Roger kept trying to press Susan's arms to the ground. She somehow managed to keep her arms and shoulders off the ground. She began to kick, and wriggle hoping to unseat Roger.

Roger was finding it more difficult to stay on top of Susan as she wriggled and kicked in a tremendous show of strength Susan arched her back in a bridge unseating Roger from his potentially wining position. Roger tried to crawl away, but like lightning Susan was after him. She grabbed him round the neck, and got him in a headlock. Susan twisted Roger’s violently left and right. Drawing muffled curses from him as she strained his neck muscles.

Susan forced Roger's head to the floor, still in the headlock. She pressed his face hard into the soft mud. Rubbing it well in. Susan then released Roger from the headlock. When he got up his face was covered in mud. Susan could see through the patches of mud that Roger's face was flushed and excited. "Come on Squirt you’re just a wimp fight me", sneered Susan.

Roger very angry and embarrassed did just that. He stepped in close up to Susan, and delivered a right fist to her stomach followed by a left to her chin. To Roger’s amazement, his fist bounced off Susan's hard stomach muscles. The left to Susan's chin did not even make her flinch. "Is that the best you can do Squirt", said Susan. As she sank her right fist into Rogers belly. Her fist disappeared into Roger’s guts. Roger doubled with a, "OOF", and a great out rush of air. A left uppercut to his chin sent Roger flying onto his back. "That's how to punch an opponent out", said Susan smiling down at Roger's shuddering body.

Roger got slowly to his feet, only to take a right fist to his jaw which sent him sprawling across the mud, and into the lake, with a splash. Before he could get up Susan was on him. The water Roger had fallen in was about six inches deep. Susan forced him down into the water pushing his head under. Although Roger fought desperately to free himself Susan still held him under the water.

Roger held his breath as long as he could but with his lungs burning from lack of oxygen. He new he would soon open his mouth and swallow the muddy water of the lake. Suddenly Susan let Roger's head clear of the water. Roger gasped in a lung full of air before being pressed back under the water. Roger did not struggle he had no strength left to do so. Roger fought to hold his breath again. He was sure Susan held him under even longer this time.

Just as he thought he would pass out. Susan let him up for another gasp of air. Under he went again to be held there helpless again. Susan let him up quicker this time. "Ready to submit yet", she asked. When Roger shook his head, Susan pushed him under again. When she finally let him up again. Roger was in no mood to argue, and signalled his submission.

Roger crawled out of the water a collapsed on the wet mud panting, and gasping. Susan knelt down beside him, and peeled off his speedos. Roger was too weak to resist. Anyhow he had agreed to the bet, if he lost then Debbie could have his speedos. Debbie giggled when she saw Roger's naked body. She was excited by the battle she had witnessed. Debbie had never seen a girl beat a boy and strip him naked before. To cap it all she now had Roger's speedos.

By Friar FFF PO Box 37132 5307 Cyprus. Copyright 1994.

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